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What documents should I prepare to apply for admission?
What documents should I prepare to apply for admission?

Please prepare

  1. Two completed application forms
  2. Two copies of study plan in Chinese or English (including statement of purpose, duration of stay and future plan.)
  3. Two photocopies of the original official diploma (including Chinese translation) from the highest foreign educational institute attended, and two copies of transcript in Chinese (and two copies of the translation in English or Chinese is necessary if the original diploma is not in English or Chinese).
  4. Two letters of recommendation (including one letter from a Chinese class instructor or one who can prove the applicant’s Chinese proficiency).
  5. One copy of health examination report (including an HIV test)
  6. One copy of financial statement (showing enough financial support for the period studying at KUAS)
  7. Declaration
  8. Required documents from each department or graduate institute program.
    Accepted students must turn in medical care insurance document which covers the period staying at KUAS when they register. If not, they can purchase insurance at KUAS.