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Students Services
Students Services
Everyone needs help sometimes and KUAS students are no different. That’s why the university offers a variety of student services to accommodate international students’ needs. International students can see a doctor at our health services, get residence information from the student housing service, and receive study tips from academic advisors. Accessibility service is available for students with physical disabilities.
Supports for International Students
The following services are available for international students.
Office of International Affairs
Our trained staff offers professional assistance for international students.
Health Center
Doctors are available at the Health Center.
KUAS offers comprehensive orientation for international students
International Student Ambassadors
KUAS student ambassadors are student volunteers who can offer peer assistance to international students
Academic Supports
KUAS peer tutors provide tutoring services.
Other Activities for International students
International Cultural Festivals
KUAS hosts international cultural festivals promoting interactions between international and local students
Business Visits
KUAS offers opportunities for international students to visit local businesses
Cultural Tours
KUAS provides cultural tours for International students to visit places of interest around the island and experience the local cultures.