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Office of General Affairs

image Documentation Section

image General Services Section

image Cashier Section

image Property Management Section

image Maintenance and Repair Section

 Founded according to the University Charter of KUAS, the Office of General Affairs is in charge of various general affairs and it is composed of five sections, including documentation section, general services section, cashier section, maintenance and repair section, property management section and environment safety section. With the Council of General Affairs, the Office of General Affairs works to improve campus environment and maintain the campus. In light of future development of KUAS, the Office believes that it is important to enhance its administrative efficiency, create an environment to facilitate teaching and research and build the new campus in Yanchao to serve the needs of the faculty and students in KUAS. Hence, we will work to simplify administrative procedures, improve efficiency, streamline administration, digitalize administrative procedures and economize the cost, to support everyone in KUAS.