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Academic Services Section

 The Office of Research and Development works to promote research and development, integration of resources, technical cooperation and corporate service. It has three sections, including research and development section, technical cooperation section and international cooperation section. Functions and responsibilities of each section are described below.

Academic Services Section:

  1. Integration and allocation of resources for academic research and development and teaching equipment to enhance the features of KUAS.
  2. Arrangement of off-campus work-study, field trips and teaching-related activities.
  3. Promotion of research team and projects of National Science Council.

Technical Cooperation Section:

  1. Arrangement of collaboration projects between KUAS and public/private organizations; skill assessment
  2. Arrangement of technical service for the society, technology transfer and industry & academia cooperation to enhance communication between industry and academia.
  3. Patent application and other technical services

International Cooperation Section:

  1. Planning for domestic and international academic and cultural exchanges
  2. Planning for strategic alliance with domestic and international academic and cultural institutions and universities.
  3. Planning for inter-university or international seminars
  4. Planning for cross-strait academic and cultural exchanges
  5. Promotion of internationalization of education for better academic level
  6. Supervision for the organization of academic week of each academic year