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Technical Cooperation Section

I. Introduction

Founded according to Article 17 of the University Charter of KUAS, the Technical Cooperation Section is a section under the Office of Research and Development. The Section has one section chief and a clerk to promote collaboration between KUAS and public organization and private enterprises. The Section is also in charge of the Culture and Education Foundation of KUAS.

II. Goal

The Section works to facilitate technical cooperation between KUAS and the industry, so that industry, governmental agencies and research institutes can effectively work with KUAS for technical service, research projects and collaboration. The collaboration between industry, government and academia can lead to effective combination of professional theories and application technology and help Taiwan improve economic development.

III. Objectives

The Section actively promotes communication and cooperation between KUAS and the industry to provide various technical services and consultation services. The Section also organizes international collaboration projects for engineering technology to match school education and industrial technology.

IV. Future Prospect

  1. To assist KUAS to become a university of technology with special features in technical services and relevant services.
  2. To enhance communication with the industry for more collaboration in the future.
  3. To push for technological integration in Greater Kaohsiung area and Pingtung. Following relevant policies of the ROC government, KUAS will make full use of its resources and faculty to enhance collaboration between industry, government and academia so as to improve competitiveness of the country.
  4. To organize academic research project and exchange program with domestic and international research institutions.