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Incubation Center of KUAS

Mission Statement

The mission of the International Office is to design long-term development plans, work to promote the academic and cultural exchanges between the school and international/domestic/Chinese mainland schools, and to realize the goal of the internationalization of education.

Further Goal

To strengthen the internationalization of education, to promote the academic standard and international academic and cultural exchanges, to participate in or sponsor international or cross-school conferences, to widening international vision, and to promote cross-strait academic and cultural exchange for a win-win situation... 

  • Panning for International/Domestic Academic & Cultural Exchanges
  • Planning for Partnerships and Strategic Alliance with International/ Domestic Academic and Cultural Institutes and Schools
  • Panning for Multi-school or Multi-national Academic Conference
  • Planning for Cross-Strait Academic and Cultural Exchanges
  • Planning for the Promotion of the Internationalization of Education and Academic Standard
  • Supervision of the Planning for “Academic Weeks” of All Departments & Institutes for each School Year
  • Tasks assigned by the Dean of Office of Research & Development