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Military Education Office

 Military education is an important part of our national strategy and our education. With supports from the president, faculty and staff, KUAS has established a solid foundation in military education and we have seen great progress in instruction of military education, counseling, campus security and student safety. However, we will not be complacent and everyone in the Military Education Office will continue to enhance military education in the campus.

Service Center

 To provide students with immediate and effective service, the Military Education Office set up the Student Service Center in September 2000. Military instructors of the Military Education Office work in shifts from 8 am to 10pm on weekdays and from 8am to 6pm on holidays (including winter and summer vacations). In addition, in case of emergency, the military instructor on duty can be reached at any time. The Center provides a wide range of services, including housing information, emergency services and other information. Alumni of KUAS can also apply for transcript of their military courses by calling the Center. To learn more about services provided by the Center, faculty members and students of KUAS can dial the hotline: and 0917-323-632 to reach the Center.