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Functions and Responsibilities

The Personnel Office has one director who administers personnel affairs with assistance from the following two sections.

The First Section is in charge of

  • organization of KUAS,
  • human resources management,
  • promotion of faculty,
  • selection of president,
  • personnel regulations,
  • payment,
  • employment and dismissal of faculty,
  • salary assessment of faculty,
  • issuance of on-job certificate and resignation certificate,
  • secondment of faculty,
  • part-time job of faculty/staff,
  • employment and dismissal of academic director,
  • employment, dismissal and transfer of staff,
  • salary assessment of staff,
  • salary assessment and dismissal of University Fund personnel,
  • on-job certificate and resignation certificate of staff,
  • management of personnel information,
  • personnel cases

The Second Section is in charge of

  • retirement, pension and severance,
  • evaluation,
  • rewards and punishments,
  • salary increase of faculty,
  • information about personnel service,
  • training and research,
  • recreational activities,
  • selection of senior and excellent teachers,
  • application for service medal,
  • benefits and welfare,
  • subsidies,
  • service certificate,
  • health care and insurances,
  • leaves