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Accounting Office

The Accounting Office manages annual budgets, accounting and statistics of KUAS. We believe that all our services and information should be transparent and we work to support teaching and research by simplifying administrative procedures and enhancing efficiency.

The Office has one director who administers affairs related to accounting. Two sections in the Office are in charge of the following tasks:

  • Auditing and inspection of cashier and accounting.
  • Preparation of accounting records, biannual and annual fiscal reports.
  • Preparation of reports for annual budget implementation and management of implementation progress.
  • Preparation of daily statement of the exclusive bank account of university fund as well as daily statement of items in custody; review of monthly statement and accounting books.
  • Allocation of university fund and review of relevant invoices.
  • Secretarial works for the University Fund Management Committee, preparation of proceedings for the Budget Council and meeting minutes.
  • Preparation of financial statement.
  • Management of vouchers and archives.
  • Management of cash and properties.
  • Management of public assets and non-consumable goods of the Accounting Office; application for procurement of labor, reimbursement, safekeeping and disposal of statements.
  • Development and management of the accounting information system; organization of workshops for on-line requisition.
  • Preparation of business plan and briefing on budget balance.
  • Preparation of proceedings for Budget Auditing Committee and internal control meeting; preparation of meeting minutes.
  • Management of computer software, hardware, computer room and website.
  • Preparation of budget allocation sheet, phased implementation plans and estimated expenditures; allocation of university fund.
  • Management and review of vouchers and invoices of various expenditures.
  • Management of current expenditures and relevant information.
  • Management of account balance, bank statement, daily statement and monthly statement; reviewing reasons for difference in balance.
  • Undertaking auditing and inspection according to the regulations of Ministry of Audit, Ministry of Education and National Science Council.
  • Preparation of annual budget estimate of university fund and completion of budget procedure.

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