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Alumni and Career Guidance Center

 The Alumni and Career Guidance Center was established in 2000 as a bridge between the university and its alumni. The Center has two sections: Alumni Service Section and Career Guidance Section.

 The center aims to service the alumni and to enhance the employability of the University's students and graduates. Everyone in the Alumni and Career Guidance Center works to enhance communication between the alumni and the university.

 The Center has established a system for alumni to update their personal information on-line. Please visit to update your information. With complete alumni network, the Center can ensure better communication and interaction between alumni. 

Alumni Association

 The Alumni Association was established in 1979. Thanks to the efforts made by all directors, cadres and alumni, the Alumni Association has played an important role to help the university grow and progress. At present, there are 28 branches in the Association. For details, please visit

How to Contact Us
TEL: ext. 2770~2771