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Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

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The Department was founded in 1987, in 1990 the Graduate Institute was established, in 1993 vocational programs was established, in 1996 first doctoral student admission.


Graduation Program
The program trains high-level industrial management personnel who can plan, organize, manage, and develop in engineering sectors and who possess a global view, a strategic view of enterprise resource planning and its relationship to logistics functions. The courses stress not only industrial automation, quality control, procedure design but also manufacturing integration and industrial computerization.

Research Trend
1 Technology Management
2 Production Systems
3 Human Factors
4 Service Engineering
5 Manufacturing
6 Operations Research


Undergraduate Program
The program aims at educating professionals to be capable of using computer in management, achieving automation in manufacturing, and running international enterprises. The courses emphasize practical as well as theoretical instruction to equip students with the ability to plan, organize, and implement in the working field.



Emphasis Areas & Specialization
Providing better service to the enterprise, promoting industrial electronization, facilitating integration of manufacturers and sellers, and moving toward international market. Allying with international universities and carrying out academic exchange.


The Department provides four programs
1. Quality Engineering and Management
2. Logistics Engineering and Management
3. Product engineering and management
4. Production engineering management



Industrial Engineeing and Management Undergraduate curricula(2 Year)

Industrial Engineeing and Management Undergraduate curricula (4 Year)

Industrial Engineeing and Management Postgraduate curricula


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