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Extracurricular Activities Section


The extracurricular activities section is in charge of the organization and management of the student union and student clubs, encouraging students to participate in off-campus and on-campus service activities, organizing major events, and managing scholarships, tuition waiver and student loans. The responsibilities of the Section include:

  1. Planning, implementing, supervising, and assessing student club activities.
  2. Registering, reviewing and supervising student clubs and their publications.
  3. Organizing and supervising the student union.
  4. Planning and managing student union activities and major events.
  5. Evaluating student clubs.
  6. Appointing class advisers and supervisors of student clubs.
  7. Organizing workshops for student club directors/leaders.
  8. Supervising graduating student association.
  9. Coordinating work-study programs.
  10. Supervising and guiding the class trip.
  11. Arranging the schedule of class meetings, weekly meetings and invitation of speakers.
  12. Managing student scholarships, loans and tuition waiver.
  13. Proceeding scholarship application.
  14. Other activities.