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Health Service Section


I. Health service:

  1. Out-patient service and medical consultation of university doctor. (Monday through Friday, 2pm to 5pm)
  2. Physical check-up of new-coming students and follow-up.
  3. Vaccination of hepatitis B.
  4. First aid, emergency service and hospitalization of the injured.

II. Health education:

  1. Lectures for cleaning crew leaders.
  2. Lectures on health care.
  3. Nutritional education.
  4. First aid training.
  5. Health care information.

III. Healthy environment:

  1. Preventing infectious disease outbreaks on campus.
  2. Supervision and inspection of catering hygiene.
  3. Inspection of eating utensils.

IV. Other services:

  1. Student group insurance.
  2. Health care tools 
    * Recovery room. 
    * Weight and height gauge. 
    * Sphygomomanometer. 
    * First-aid kit. 
    * Wheelchair. 
    * Crutch. 
    * Video tapes related to health care. 
    * Health care journals.