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Deparatment of Finance and Institute of Finance and Information

The Department of Finance offers undergraduate and master program in finance. Our program provides students with rigorous theoretical and solid empirical trainings in the major fields of finance, including securities investment, corporate finance, international finance, insurance and risk management, and financial engineering. Students gain the specialized knowledge and skills they need to become professionals in the finance industry. The mission of our program is to deliver the high quality of education in the turbulent financial markets.


Master Program

The Institute of Finance and Information, integrating the fields of finance and information technology, was set up in 2003. As the master program in Taiwan that first combines the study of finance and information, our program provides innovative curriculums of academic study and research that draw heavily on the principles and practices of finance and information system. Students prepare for careers at the leading banking and financial institutions. To receive the degree, students are required to take at least 48 semester credits and submit an approved master’s thesis.


Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program is unique for its offering wide range of courses in finance and information which include management of banking and financial institutions, asset management, risk management and insurance, corporate finance, financial engineering, and information system etc. These courses are designed to provide the student with both the theoretical guidance and the analytical tools necessary to make effective judgments in the fast-changing environment. To receive the degree, 128 semester credits and a thesis are required. Our alumni work at a high level of expertise in the variety areas of finance. Students can access the large alumni network and have great opportunities for their career choices.


 Emphasis Areas & Specialization

*The analysis of financial innovation and the derivative financial instruments.

*The applications of financial information technology and decision support system.

*Establish Internet Financial Education Center for students to simulate the operations of financial market.

*Cooperate with the industries to keep up with the rapid and drastic changes in the financial environment.

*Encourage students to pursue studies overseas and acquire international experience.

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