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Department of Information Management

 The department of Information Management was established in 2001. The aims for its development are to bring the students to the forefront of knowledge in management information systems, and to advance research in theories, concepts and methodologies of information system applications. The Graduate Institute of Information Management was set up in 2004, offering the Master program in the Information Management area.

Master's Program

 The instructional goals of the master program training explicitly concentrate on the integration of information technology, business administration, and decision science. The focus for the first study year will be the enhancement of the training of information technology and decision science. For the second study year, it will be the focus of the planning and integration of information technology and business strategy.

 It also includes a series of workshops on Monday mornings, offering an important supplement to student's knowledge. And a thesis is required at the end of the second study year for the completion of the master program.

 Research concentrated in the area of E-Business and Enterprise Computerization, Digital Learning, Database and Business Intelligence, Software Engineering, Information Security, and Communication Network.

Undergraduate Program

 The undergraduate program is designed to bring the students to the forefront of knowledge and skills in management information systems and introduce the combination of theoretical propositions and application practices in sequence. Students are expected to hone their skills by developing project systems in their junior and senior years. For the seniors, their missions are to accumulate their experiences in information systems development and explore the possible problems and solutions that managers will face when firms adopt advanced information technology.

 Speaking in brief, the instruction goals for undergraduate students are:

  • The establishment of information management theory and general business administration knowledge.
  • The cultivation of programming skills.
  • The training of case studies and role playing.
  • The experience acquisition of projection system design.

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