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KUAS Receives Two Corporate Donations


KUAS has received donations from two world-leading companies-- Simufact Engineering based in Germany and Kent Industrial Co. of Taiwan. In the donation ceremony held at KUAS yesterday, president Cheng-Hong Yang praised the two companies for their generosity and support. Simufact Engineering is a global leading software company devoting to the fields of metal forming process simulation and forging technology development. The company has donated 15 authorized Simufact Forming softwares to KUAS, which are valued at
NT$15 million. This generous gift will allow our students to simulate analysis and manufacturing process. Kent Industrial Co. is the world biggest manufacturer of grinders, partnering with various famous leading companies, including Junker in Germany and Ziersch in Switzerland. The gift made by Kent Industrial Co. is a CNC Machining Center, which is valued at NT$3.7 million. This CNC machining center will allow our students to practice the needed skills and enhance their research capacity.
These two gifts are given at the right time when KUAS is at the point to transform itself to be a pro-industry university. The gifts will help faculty to produce research outcomes that can better meet the needs of the industry and better prepare KUAS students for the future job market. The corporate donations also highlight the close tie between KUAS and the industry. KUAS has been striving to establish more pragmatic partnerships with businesses and companies to benefit both the university and its partners. The corporate donation is one of the effective approaches to facilitate this type of partnership.
To thank the generous gifts donated by the two companies, certificates of appreciation were awarded to the representatives of the companies, Stefan Zimmer—a channel marketing manager of Simufact Engineering, and Chiu-Hung Chithe general manager of Kent Industrial Co., who were present in the ceremony.
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