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KUAS service learning courses recognized by Ministry of Education

KUAS has received the Excellence Award from the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education (MOE), for the outstanding quality of its service learning courses. KUAS president, Dr. Cheng-Hong Yang, thanked the service learning promotion team for their efforts. He hoped that the quality of the courses and services provided by the students can continue to improve, so the courses can truly be integrated as part of the holistic education at KUAS.

KUAS service learning courses started in 2006. The courses are designed to encourage students to learn from providing services to KUAS and the people in need. Its objective is to train students to love the university, the community they live, and the people of the community. By offering services, hopefully the students can become diligent and caring members of the society. The courses are non-credit, compulsory courses for freshmen. The freshmen are required to tidy the campus in the morning and maintain the beauty of public spaces. These activities are considered the entry-level services.

The more advanced type of service learning is offered in the elective courses. The course content is more diverse and integrated into the professional courses designed by different colleges. The activities in these courses are more field-specific and professional services. Besides the courses offered by the university, professors and students can participate in volunteer activities. As long as these activities meet the criteria of service learning courses, they can be certified by the school administration and be an alternative service learning courses. These types of service learning courses have taken KUAS students and teachers to remote communities and even foreign countries. The students and faculty truly enjoyed bringing their help and services to these places. Through promotion, service learning courses are valued and have become essential part of KUAS education.

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