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Si Xian Guest House officially open for visiting scholars and guests

The newly-refurbished Si Xian Guest House, located on the 10th floor of the Si Xian Hall on Jiangong campus, was officially open. The purpose of renovating the section of the hall and transforming it into a guest house is to provide quality accommodation for visiting scholars and guests of KUAS. The guest house has a total of eleven rooms, including eight suites and a fully-equipped three-room apartment for families. Providing housing service for visiting scholars and guests is one of the many measures adopted by KUAS for showing our readiness for internationalization.

On the opening day, the scholars from Beijing became the first group of guests to stay in the guest house. Later in May, five students and one teacher from Pennsylvania State University were the second group of guests who stayed in the guest house. They were all greatly impressed by the modern and comfortable housing facility that the guest house offered. The house is fully-furnished and equipped with air conditioner, television, refrigerator, washing machine, and toiletries. The guest house is not only open for visiting scholars and guests but also the alumni and their families.

In recent years, KUAS has been devoting to expand international partnerships and cooperation. By far, two hundreds international students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, France, U.S.A, India, Panama, Bolivia, and Paraguay have studied at KUAS. More international students are expected to enroll this year.

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