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Yang Inaugurated as KUAS President

  Professor Ching-yu Yang was inaugurated as the president of National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences (KUAS) on August 1. In his inauguration speech, President Yang stated that he aims to cultivate talent, strengthen academic–industry research and development collaboration, and enhance administrative efficiency. In these endeavors, he pledged to observe the following guidelines: practicing pragmatic humanism, pursuing innovation by embracing diversity of thought, and promoting sustainable development. 

Yang Inaugurated as KUAS President_1 Yang Inaugurated as KUAS President_2
Humanism, innovation, and sustainable development are three guidelines President Yang pledged to observe


  Regarding the development of the institution, President Yang seeks to unify the vision of the KUAS community on the basis of the core values of education. In the speech, President Yang also expressed gratitude toward the efforts and contributions of former KUAS presidents.

Yang Inaugurated as KUAS President_3
President Yang (center) and former KUAS presidents


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