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Staff & Ext.

Administrative Consultation Section



Processing of administrative affairs of this center、
Service counseling and management of work study student、
Planning and procurement of computer lab equipment...etc

Application form for computer lab use
Application form for software installation in computer lab
Application for digital display of the center
Application for Distance Learning Course Offering
Application form for webpage storage account
Regulations for use and management of Videoconference room and application form for meeting room

Application form for software loan


Network System Section



Management and maintenance of campus network kernel 、
Management and maintenance of Wi-Fi network、
Management and maintenance of student dormitory network...etc

Application form for employee email account
Application form for domain name
Application for alumni webmail capacity expansion 

Software Development Section



Assistance in promoting campus administration computerization、
Support for development and maintenance of campus administration software、
Development of software for system analysis and network-related applications...etc

Application form for system maintenance (developed system)
Application form for development of school administrative information system (New system)
Application form for e-assignment requirement
Application form fir system access privilege and function setting
Application form for teacher account and password inquiry


Voice Play