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Real-life Happy Farmville on Yanchao Campus
Visitors of Yanchao campus now can have a real treat for their eyes. A newly-developed farm, planted with sunflowers, Zinnia, fruits and vegetables, is thriving on Yanchao campus. The cultivation of the farm, inspired by KUAS president, Dr. Cheng-Hong Yang, was first started in January. President Yang hopes that students can get out of the concrete buildings and use nature as their classroom for learning. He also hopes that the farm can provide an opportunity for students to experience the fun of gardening and the therapeutic power of horticulture. In only three months, the farm, taken care by the faculty and students of KUAS, is full of life. The sunflowers and Zinnia are in full bloom now. The fruits, including pineapples, melons, watermelons, and bananas, and the vegetables, pumpkins and corns, will be harvested in the near future. The harvest is planned to be sold to fund charitable organizations. KUAS welcomes visitors to the farm and enjoy the power of plants and flowers.