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Teachers Participate in 2013 Life Education Summer Camp at KUAS .


A group of 12 EMBA students of KUAS opened a new blended-style restaurant earlier September as a test to put theories into practice. The 12 entrepreneurs are all from the same EMBA class with a diverse of backgrounds, including a factory owner, a college professor, a furniture manufacturer, a car dealer, and more.
Located at the bustling intersection of Da-Shun and Chien-Hsing Roads, the restaurant--101 Mango Ice Corps--features shredded ice topped with fresh fruit. The main ingredients are fresh local –grown fruit, including mango, pineapples, and watermelon. The fruit is peeled and sliced on orders, rather than pre-prepared, to preserve its natural flavor. Since Taiwan is the kingdom of fruit and southern Taiwan is the area full of major fruit farms, the restaurant is guaranteed to have the most fresh and top-rated quality of supply.
In addition to the shredded ice, the restaurant also provides set meals and noodles. Surrounded by residential apartments and several schools, the restaurant is a great venue for students and families to dine, chat, and have fun.